About  Sumspring

      Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., Ltd is a high tech innovation enterprise focus on laboratory analysis instrument research ,development and sales. Founded in 2007, our company focused on quality control unit, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, packaging and printing industry, adhesive industry, household appliances and other packaging materials and provide first-class test equipment and comprehensive quality control solution.

Sumspring technical team has been independent research,development, innovation and production equipment to meet requirements both domestic and abroad. it is also takeg ISO, ASTM, TAPPI and other international standard specifications into consideration . A number of new technologies, new invention patent certificate, have complete independent intellectual property rights.

     Sumspring has a high-quality R & D team and production team, the instrument designed from the beginning to read a variety of domestic and international testing standards, to meet the equipment used in all areas of domestic and international packaging, food, pharmaceutical, industrial and other industries. 

Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument

     Sumspring laboratory has a professional technical service team, with independent research and development of more than 40 sets of advanced equipment, testing tools, and other accessory. Not only provide accurate and reliable test data objectively and fair, also establish learning exchange platform for institutions, research institutes , medium and large enterprises.
Sumspring establish product quality risk management and control system for the production of enterprises, government regulators to help the development of relevant standards and regulations. We are also concerned about the international advanced packaging test methods to help domestic enterprises and government departments to better enhance the production and management levels. Contribute to the quality and safety of the food and drug packaging industry.