Sumspring introduces Auto-bag fatigue tester   Release time:2017-09-26

The handbag fatigue testing standards GBT216612008 (Plastic bags), QBT 4379-2012, BBT 0039-2006 (Portable paper bag) (Retail packaging bags) and other standards, which are clearly defined for the lifting test project.
The testing principle of the bag fatigue tester is that:

The equivalent particle mixture contents quality nominal 2 times within (usually sand or rice) with 3/4 bags, and then hung in a bag on the fatigue test machine, set the bag 3600 times or bag time 0.5h, after the end of observation at the bag without damage. The QB/T 4379-2012 and BB/T0039 standards require that 0.5h be tested without any damage on the bag fatigue test machine. The GB/T21661 standard requires no damage after 3600 vibration.

Bag fatigue tester

      But at present, the domestic bag fatigue testing machine can only set the test times or the bag time. In the process, if the bag or strap is broken, it can only be judged manually, but can not stop by itself.          Because of the long testing process, if the test personnel walk away, they will not judge whether the bag or the strap is broken, thus causing inconvenience to the operator.
Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., Ltd.  introduced a new automatic bag fatigue testing machine -SPL-30S, this instrument can effectively solve the above problems, the program can automatically determine whether carry bag or fracture, and control equipment downtime, record test times at break, to determine whether the sample qualified . The utility model is a convenient and practical automatic bag fatigue testing machine, which saves labor and receives favorable comments from users.

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