Cooperation with Russia VIZARI company   Release time:2016-11-07

The first cooperation with the Russian VIZARI  company is the opening of a door in the Eastern European market.

As the largest country in Eastern Europe, the main economy, Russia has been the largest partner of China's foreign trade. The two countries, political stability, sustained economic growth, bilateral trade and mutual investment has shown a good momentum of development. In this environment, our company actively the development of Sino Russian economic and trade relations, to open up the Russian market; SUMSPRING in global thinking under the guidance to establish international brand localization efforts, so as to promote China's to better participate in international competition, and strengthen brand awareness.


A series of SUMSPRING glass bottle detection equipment: Polariscope,glass bottle internal pressure tester, impact tester enter into VIZARI  company, after inspection and testing experts, that all products comply with the relevant standards, and higher than the relevant standard, the actual operation is simple and high humanization degree. Reflects China's economic development trend in the future -- the charm of Chinese quality.

Professional manufacturer-SUMSPRING

I hope a force in Ji'nan Sumspring Experiment Instrument is making more and more China contribute to the world stage.

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