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Plastic bottles are commonly used in modern packaging materials, its appearance is beautiful, easy processing, convenient and low cost, is widely used in food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. The processing of plastic bottles is generally used in the process of injection molding, and then blow molding and so on. In blow molding process is subject to the temperature, the equipment will be affected by the bottle body, the bottom of the bottle and other parts of uneven thickness. The thinner parts of plastic bottle is generally with thin mechanical properties (such as load capacity, pressure capacity), barrier properties (such as water vapor and oxygen permeation rate) of the weak parts, which reduce the performance of the plastic bottle, which can't accomplish its use effect.

     Since the plastic bottle wall thickness is so important, so now there are several kinds of testing instruments on the market to be able to detect the thickness of the bottle wall. What are the methods and principles of its measurement?  Professional manufacturers-- Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd will introduce for everyone:

1. Magnetic induction thickness test. 
The principle of this method is based on the theory of Holzer effect, the thickness, the side of a small ball placed on the test material, and the probe placed on the other side. Turn the bottle, while the magnetic ball receiving probe mobile. The magnetic induction sensor can measure the distance from the probe tip to the ball, so that the thickness of the plastic bottle. The instrument is characterized in that it does not destroy the sample, which is convenient to measure. But for the concave and convex parts of the plastic bottle is not easy to measure, the instrument cost is higher.

2. Contact measurement method. This wall thickness measurement method is now widely used in wall thickness measurement. The principle is: Put measuring support rod into the bottle, Contact measuring parts with darts, capacitive sensor measuring gauge is placed in corresponding position of plastic bottle outside and finish the test. Read the thickness values on the measuring table. You may refer to the CHY-B wall thickness thickness tester. This kind of test principle is quick, the measuring position is comprehensive, the fitting is easy to be replaced, the cost is low. But the request on the stability of the mechanical structure of the instrument is higher.

Bottle wall thickness tester

Wall thickness tester

3.Slice method thickness measurement: This is an original method for measuring wall thickness. Subject to the technical limitations in the early testing of plastic bottles. The bottle will be cut by  laboratory technicians, and then test thickness by spiral micrometer caliper. This method is very low cost, but it is thought that the error is big, the test efficiency is low, it is a kind of test method gradually being eliminated.

       Of course, there are also some other ways to test the wall thickness of plastic bottles, such as infrared and ultrasonic methods, these methods mostly belong to the online thickness measurement method. The above three methods are three kinds of plastic bottle thickness measurement principle in the laboratory. A detailed understanding of the wall thickness testing method and instrument you can contact Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd., for reprint please indicate the source.

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