Glass infusion bottle inspection project   Release time:2016-12-07

      Glass infusion bottle test items and test equipment are what the manufacturer and quality inspection institutions focus on. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., Ltd. briefly introduce glass infusion bottle test items and related equipment information and hope to help you. 

1. Thermal stability
This test is mainly to ensure and control the temperature difference between the infusion bottle in the high-temperature sterilization process. Test using a high temperature sterilizing pot. To the transfusion bottle filling water to the nominal capacitance, cork and rubber stopper pressing aluminum cover, placed in the autoclave, within 15-20 minutes by uniform temperature rise to 121 DEG C, heat for 30 minutes. Bleed to atmospheric pressure, open the lid of the natural cooling to the inside and outside temperature difference is less than 42 degrees Celsius, take out the specimen must not have broken.


2.Heat shock resistance
   This test is mainly to control and ensure the sterilization process of the bottle of temperature difference and seismic capacity. Using RCY-02 glass bottle heat shock test instrument, referring to the thermal shock and thermal shock strength determination method YBB60392012 first method, the infusion bottle to withstand the temperature difference of 42 degrees Celsius after the thermal shock test may not be broken. RCY-02 glass thermal shock tester for thermal shock thermal shock test on all kinds of beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottles, bottles and glass bottles of various kinds of antibiotics, the leakage protection device, safe and reliable performance.

3. Polarising stress

     The test control of the annealing process of glass bottles, to avoid the stress concentration caused by breaking the bottle or the bottom. The use of YLY-02 polarizing stress instrument, according to the stress determination by YBB00162003, the maximum optical path after annealing the permanent stress caused by the difference of not more than 40nm/mm. YLY-02 polarizing stress meter is suitable for the measurement of optical, glass and other optical materials for pharmaceutical enterprises, glass products factory, plastic products factory and laboratory.

4.vertical axis deviation.
The test controls the flatness and the overall symmetry of the ground surface of the glass container. Using ZPY-60 electronic axis deviation measuring instrument, with reference to the vertical axis deviation method YBB00192003 determination, the maximum value of the vertical axis deviation should satisfy the following values:
Line capacity (mL) 501002505001000
Vertical axis deviation (mm) = 1.8 = 2 = 2 = 2.5 = 3
ZPY-60 electronic measuring instrument for the determination of major axis deviation of verticality deviation of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries of all kinds of bottle container, the instrument has the advantages of convenient operation, high centering precision, measurement precision, is the preferred instrument bottle factory, scientific research units and users bottle bottle testing verticality deviation.
5. Internal pressure.

This test is mainly to control and ensure the production, transport and use of infusion bottles in the process of pressure. The use of NLY-02 glass bottle internal pressure testing machine, according to internal pressure determination method for YBB00172003 determination of glass infusion bottle subjected to internal pressure test after 0.6MPa may rupture. NLY-02 glass bottle internal pressure test machine is suitable for various kinds of beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottles, bottles and other types of antibiotic glass bottle internal pressure test, according to GB/T 4546-2008 (product test method of pressure resistant glass containers) regulations experiment items and the YBB00172003 standard, automatic display changes in the whole experimental process can meet the capacity pressure. Glass bottle pressure test and blasting pressure test requirements, the quality inspection agencies, beverage production enterprises necessary testing instrument.

      In the inspection of glass bottle performance at the same time, we also consider the mouth and the rubber stopper and cover with aluminum or aluminum cover performance, sealing performance, torque to evaluate it. Of course, to its rubber plug puncture force values, maintenance, etc..

      To sum up, for the quality control of glass infusion bottle to carry out many aspects of thermal stability, thermal shock, resistance to internal pressure, internal stress, vertical axis deviation etc.. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd is engaged in the earlier domestic high-tech enterprises R & D and production of instrument glass infusion bottle, packaging quality control can provide comprehensive solutions for large transfusion production enterprises, to provide packaging quality security escort for pharmaceutical enterprises. For more information, glass infusion bottle and the corresponding instrument test items please call the Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd.

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