Whether paper cup meet standard   Release time:2017-04-01

Disposable paper cups, instant noodles bowls are common in the usage of the packaging.As disposable paper cups are thrown out, no need to wash, more and more people will be regarded it as necessities in life. Instant noodles easy to brew, sales have been high. Some unscrupulous manufacturers will violate the use of fluorescent agents (fluorescent lamp under the blue), in order to make cups or bowls of white paper, some manufacturers also use a large number of whitening agents, become a potential cause of cancer.

UV analysis tester

ZW-7 UV analysis tester

Manufacturers control paper cups, paper bowl in the amount of fluorescent material, with ZW-7 UV analyzer.Quality inspection unit can also use the instrument to check the fluorescent material indicators of paper cups or paper bowls. However, consumers do not necessarily understand the principles, it is impossible to detect the product when purchase. Improve the quality of paper cups or paper bowls, to ensure the safety of packaging, on the one hand, rely on the supervision of the relevant departments, on the other hand, manufacturers must rely on self-restraint.

Consumers in the purchase of disposable paper cups, we should pay attention not to buy too white products, in addition, you can pinch the paper cup with your hand, choose the one with better elasticity.

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