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Adhesive tape is used more and more widely, whether it is medical tape or industrial tape. It is well known that the adhesive strength of the adhesive tape must be checked before delivery. One of the electronic pressure roller test machine YGJ-S together with intelligent tensile testing machine XLW-500N, can be used to detect adhesive performance. Sumspring help to analysis on how to make use of electronic pressure roller tester tape adhesion strength.

                                                                                           Electronic pressure roller testing machine YGJ-S

1 Electronic pressure roller testing machine YGJ-S is rubber covered metal roller, diameter is 84mm + 1mm, width is 45mm.

2Rubber hardness :60 degrees -80 degrees, thickness:6mm.

3 Select pressure roller load 20N + 0.5N. Speed to hydraulic speed 0.3m/min.

4 Put the basic material under the corresponding conditions for two hours.

5 Peel adhesive tape, glued to the material. On the belt roller press roll back and forth three times, place the experiment after 5 minutes, begin the experiment after 5 minutes.

6 the tensile testing machine is stripped off at the speed of 0.3m/min, and the adhesive force is calculated according to the national standard.

7 Each volume measured three times, the average value is tape adhesion force.

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