What is Lab use Equipment for Baby Diaper   Release time:2017-04-27

     Since baby diaper is a high regarded industry for it is especially used for babies.  Safety and comfort is the most important factor we should pay attention to.

     Jinan Sumspring focus on baby care products safty and comfortable inspection for more than 10 years, and now is a professional manufacturer of baby diaper lab use equipment.

     We supply:

     1. Diaper water absorption ratio tester:    Diaper water absorbency tester 

     2. Fabric tensile tester:                             Used for test diaper material tensile strength

     3. Diaper Whiteness Tester:                     Used for whiteness for diaper

     4. Diaper UV Tester  :                              Used for test Fluorescent substance on diaper

     5. Diaper Softness Tester:                     Used for test softness of diaper              

     6. Diaper Permeability Tester:                 Used for test diaper permeability 

     7. Rubber aging Tester:                          Used for test diaper elastic 

     8. Water Resistance tester:                      Used for test water resistance ability of non-woven

     9. Moisture Meter:                                   Used for test moisture


      Water Absorbency Tester        Tensile Tester                  Whiteness Tester                UV Tester


      Softness Tester                 Permeability Tester              Water Resistance Tester     Moisture Tester


     For more information please contact Sumsring by 24 hours online email:



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