Pakistan pharmaceutical test machine cooperate   Release time:2017-06-12

Pakistan seeworld pharmaceutical trading company headquartered in Pakistan, Karachi is a commercial Capital Group Companies subsidiary in Pakistan, including Lahore, Peshawar Rawalpindi, Islamabad city has branches and representatives.
      Mainly engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical production, testing equipment, equipment, tablets, coating materials, Spencer long-acting capsule and pharmaceutical packaging materials. Acting a number of internationally renowned brands.

Cap torque tester\

Cap torque tester

      Through our cap torque meter Seward pharmaceutical trading company has a dual supply measurement mode locking force, opening force, micro printer, professional control software provides a functional group sample statistical analysis, obtained pharmaceutical customers. Therefore, we have decided to place an order for this instrument from our department again. This provides a good beginning for our instrument to enter Pakistan pharmaceutical company and pharmaceutical company.
      We hope to get more cooperation opportunities with the Pakistan market, so that more Chinese manufacturing experimental instruments will provide quality services to customers around the world.

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