Surface fastness of flexible packages   Release time:2017-08-28

The surface of the printing process mostly adopts the flexible packaging of food, especially the black and white film packaging of soy sauce, vinegar, milk, yogurt and other liquid food, in order to make the product better and more beautiful, the quality of food packaging will be a layer of surface printing ink, there will be some important information such as shelf-life, ingredients, printing ink in the process transport and handling will inevitably be rubbing off, if the printing ink is friction off, so that consumers can not read the effective information, product production will decline, but also affect the image of the product. How to avoid the printing ink layer will not be easy to rub off, we need to test the surface of the packaging ink combination fastness, ink bonding fastness is to detect printing ink and film substrate combination of strength index. How to test the surface fastness of food soft packing? Need to use the instrument in Ji'nan experimental Stone Co., Sanquan Electronic Design Research of the roller testing machine YGL-S. The electronic roller testing machine YGL-S is designed for testing ink fastness of products.

Electronic roller testing machine YGL-S

Ink bonding fastness can greatly affect the beauty and printing quality of the packaging products. The electronic roller testing machine YGL-S can directly represent the printing quality of the ink. How to test the surface fastness of food soft packing? Test principle: will choose according to standard glass adhesive tape paper and printing ink samples after test environment adjusted, with a standard load, rolling speed and rolling times together, and then adjust the placement time, peel test. Observe and measure the condition that the ink layer of the sample is peeled off so as to judge the bonding fastness of the printing ink layer.
The surface of the ink layer with soft packaging for food testing instruments -- electronic roller fastness testing machine YGL-S is suitable for the production of intaglio printing process of plastic film and glass paper decoration printing products for printing ink layer with fastness test, can be used for a variety of viscous material adhesion test. Is widely used in quality inspection institutions, packaging plants, tape plants and other units.
The electronic pressure roller testing machine YGL-S is equipped with large liquid crystal display and PVC operation panel, which is convenient for users to use visually. The setting and rolling times of the instrument can be set at will, so that it is convenient to use. The instrument is controlled by microcomputer, which greatly reduces the influence of human factors. Test machine is equipped with standard roller, roll, also can be customized according to customer needs non-standard roller, to meet the needs of users. Welcome to call Ji'nan Sanquan in experimental instrument stone sales ltd..
The analysis of the above experimental instrument is limited in Ji'nan stone Chuen, Xiaobian to provide more information, please pay attention to sumspring WeChat public number for details!

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