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Moon cake is an indispensable gift for the Mid Autumn Festival. The outer packing boxes of moon cakes are multifarious and extremely high quality. Half of the inner packing of moon cakes is mostly made of plastic film. Packaging is not only to make the product more beautiful, but also one of the biggest role is to ensure the quality of the moon cake. Sealing is an important physical testing property of moon cake packaging. Good sealing performance, product freshness, quality will certainly be guaranteed. How to test the sealing property of moon cake packaging? Breakage of packing is mainly due to internal pressure increased, thus sealing in the detection of packaging needs to form to simulate the actual state of compression in its differential pressure inside and outside the packaging method, positive pressure and negative pressure by two. Moon cake packaging rarely adopts vacuum packaging method, so small package recommended to moon cake packaging using positive pressure method to detect its sealing performance. Ji'nan sumspring Instrument Co. Ltd. according to the GB/T 15171-94 national standard design and development of the moon cake packaging sealing detector MFY-05A can be convenient and simple to test the sealing performance of moon cake packaging.

Seal sealing detector for moon cake

Detection of the sealing performance of the package is the leak point, through detecting the sealing performance can get the maximum pressure and the discharge distribution of packing leak, the detection of packaging designers can determine whether the package can meet the requirements of sealing packing product storage, transportation, sales. How to test the sealing property of moon cake packaging? MFY-05A sealing machine for moon cake packaging is equipped with microcomputer control, digital display, test vacuum, digital preset test, vacuum and vacuum holding time to ensure the accuracy of test data. Moon cake packing tightness tester MFY-05A uses high quality system components, stable and reliable performance, the instrument can automatically constant pressure air supplement, further ensure that the test can be carried out under the preset vacuum conditions.

Seal sealing detector for moon cake

How to test the sealing property of moon cake packaging? Moon cake packaging tightness detector MFY-05A technical parameters:
Vacuum: 0--90kPa
Vacuum accuracy: 1
Air pressure: 0.5MPa ~ 0.7MPa
Vacuum holding time: 1-9999s
Vacuum chamber effective size: Phi 270 mm x 210 mm (H) (standard)
Phi 360, mm, x, 585, mm (H) (optional)
Phi 460, mm, x, 330 mm (H) (optional) (other sizes can be customized)
Main size: 430mmX330mmX170mm (length, width, height)
Weight: 9Kg

      Mid Autumn Festival is China's traditional festivals, but also with family reunion day, each big store has also launched a lot of moon cake gift box. A high quality and standard of moon cake products to get everyone's approval, in order to have sales of changhong. Ji'nan sumspring Instrument Co. Ltd. design and development of the moon cake packaging sealing detector MFY-05A can help the manufacturer to complete the detection of the physical properties of the seal, in line with national standards, how to solve this problem easily detect the sealing of the moon cake packaging.

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