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In accordance with standard GB/T8939 requirements, sanitary napkins (diapers) how to detect water absorbency? Detection of the traditional method is to test the water absorbency of sampling personnel in the pipeline, the manual weighing each sample before the weight of water, and then immersed in water for 60S, and then leave the water suspension 90S, then each subsequent weighing one by one piece of water weight, and then manually calculate the water absorption rate. In the course of the operation must control the immersion time, lift the suspension time, and different number of samples, the efficiency of this traditional method is very low and if not control the time measurement is not accurate.
      Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd. has developed five station water absorbency tester LLJ-02, this project is the main testing instrument and sanitary napkins diapers in the production process of the water absorbency, water absorbency is suitable for all kinds of sanitary napkins, diapers, pad, non-woven absorbent material automatic test. Automatic completion of this instrument in the testing process in the experimental process, eliminating the need for manual weighing, to avoid human error; at the same time, the instrument can automatically calculate the average value of each material absorbency and statistics, without manual intervention; the instrument can freely set the suction time, static discharge time, test speed, wide application range, degree of freedom big. Five station design, five samples at the same time, greatly improve test efficiency.
      Water absorbency tester LLJ-02 conforms to standards such as GB/T 8939, GB/T 28004 and GB/T 20808. Sanitary napkin water absorbency tester conforms to GBT8939 standard. The standard method for calculating the water absorption rate of sanitary napkins and diapers is as follows:
1, the sample completely intruded into distilled water for 60 seconds, and then lift the sample clip, so that the sample completely out of the water, vertical suspension for 90 seconds, weighing its water absorption quality.
2. The calculation of water absorption is to use the weight of the sample to absorb the difference between the weight of the sample before water absorption, and then divide the difference by the percentage of the weight before absorption.

      The national standard GB/T8939 of sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads, diapers) industry in addition to the provisions of the need for testing of sanitary napkins (diapers) outside the water absorbency, strength and other characteristics of the test, the infiltration of moisture content percentage, adhesive bonding.  According to the ZNK-100 permeability tester production design standard of Jinan S umspring Experimental Instrument Co. Ltd, moisture meter SFY-02, bNHY-03 back-adhesive strength tester and other instruments can detect the sanitary and convenient and accurate (including sanitary pads, diapers) physical properties of infiltration and moisture content percentage, gum adhesive strength etc..

water absorption tester

      Sanitary napkins in the national standard GB/T8939-2008 (including sanitary pads, diapers) industry provides some physical testing items of sanitary napkin and pad and detection method, detection project of this standard involves mainly test the water absorbency, infiltration, moisture percentage, gum adhesive strength characteristics, testing instruments are mainly used LLJ-02 water absorbency tester , permeability tester ZNK-100, moisture meter SFY-02,  NHY-03 back-adhesive strength tester etc.. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co. Ltd. research and development of these instruments with standard change, keep pace with the times, humanized design, convenient operation.
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